Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Our own tiny little world

uwaaaaah ! Its been ages !
Its not that I didn't want to update something but I didn't really have time to do so. Feels weird now. Hahahaha.

Currently I'm in my fourth semester of university. I'll be graduating in sha Allah next year (if everything turns out well, XD) I'm still searching tho, my future career. I didn't really have a solid dream job, yet. Although I'm majoring in Accountancy now, its not really my passion. But, anything can happens right ? Maybe after awhile or maybe after I graduating I'll be able to grab a hold of it. To actually really really really in love with Accountancy. Who knows ? HE knows the best.

Everyone has their own little world that they create at the back of their mind right ? (Idk if it only me XD) Only in that world we feel safe and comfortable. Our own tiny little world that no one knows about. But, do we realise that someday in the future, we have to leave the world behind and really step in into the reality.

Yes. It will wake up the insecureness that was buried so deep inside in our heart, mind and soul. But thats the only way to really be us. We can't depend on it too much. Once we really belong to the real world, we'll see alot of things. All sort kind of things. Bad, good, enjoyable or not, thats our world. We have to keep in mind that the good don't really comes alone, she has a friend which is known as bad. Whether we fond with it or not she will eventually come.

I'm not telling that dreams was a bad thing tho but theres really were bad in everything. But, please don't put your head around it too much. Knowing about it yes, you can do that but don't be gloomy about all the bad things that happened. Everything happens for a reason. HE knows that we're able to get it through otherwise he will not testing us, isn't ? But for the time being its okay for you to stay in the tiny little world that you created. Once, you're ready you will come out with your head helds high and be you. Its important !
BE YOURSELF (as long as it not against our religion) . People will keep talking but thats what haters do right ? So, we're just gonna shake it off !

I guess thats for now. Feeling sleepy all of sudden. XD (even after 4 hours of sleep). Friendly reminder that i just jot down what was going around in my head. Every single one of us have our own opinion otherwise we won't be called as humans. Have a nice day.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. ^^

Ps: forgive me for my grammar. m(_ _)m


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